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Why Join YFL of TN?
Why Join YFL of TN and become a USA Football Affiliate?

Keep more money in your program, so your program can decide best what to use it on.

Take the politics out of Youth Football, give your community an equal voice on all issues.

Picture Identification of all players and coaches insure the correct people take the field. Rosters and Team Picture Rosters are available directly from the league to eliminate any doctoring of forms by an opposing team. Prior to your game team administrators can go to the league website and print the next opponents official roster and a Photo ID roster which shows a picture from Jamboree of each player in their correct jersey numbers.

Championship games played at top notch venues, not a field you'll play at any Saturday. Championships games with attractive game times, not early in the morning. It should be a special, remembered experience, not just another game.

You have your own insurance from the agent of your choice. When you are insured through a league the insurance is purchased in the league's name. Many leagues charge communities far more than they are actually paying out for the insurance they are providing. By having your own insurance you have more control of cost and you can make sure your communities claims are handled properly.

Use technology to an advantage, and not waste time of league administrators, so you can focus on improving your community. Quarterly in person league meetings, with forums, web and phone conferences between. Get discussions fully heard prior to getting together for voting. No one wants to set through endless discussion in person, but every community deserves the right to speak and ask questions. Let discussion run prior to the meeting, so you show up and vote.

All these great benefits plus all the benefits of being a USA Football Affiliated League. These benefits go far past league administrators, to coaches, players and parents. See what all USA football has to offer.