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The Youth Football League of Tennessee (YFL of TN) is dedicated to the athletic, academic, and mental development of our youth through football and cheerleading. We conduct all organizational activities while embracing a single team concept. The success of the YFL of TN is measured by the fun, achievement, sportsmanship and competition that each of us experience as a result of pulling together to develop the children of our community. The YFL of TN invites your support in
leading the character of our youth toward responsibility, self-discipline, respect, integrity and sportsmanship.

The Youth Football League of Tennessee is an USA football affiliated league, with all players and coaches being registered with USA football. The YFL of TN is an unincorporated association that consists of football and cheerleading associations in the Central Tennessee area, each of who have signed an annual obligatory contract to participate in the YFL of TN league. Each member is financially independent, purchase their own insurance and pay officials fees directly when hosting games. There is no fee paid by any community to YFL of TN. You'll never turn gate fees you collect over to the league before or after the game. No Treasurer holding everyone's money, and deciding where it goes.

Communities play by the rules written and maintained by USA football. This stops the off-season arguing about changing rules. Rules changes will come from USA football. Age brackets, weight limits and talent based levels are all capable of adjusting when voted on by community presidents and will be the same as what the area is accustom too. YFL of TN utilizes organized rosters along with a supplemental picture ID program, both available unaltered directly from the league website.

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